Anthony Picone Set to Release First Album

Key West singer/songwriter Anthony Picone is set to release ‘In The Middle of Everywhere’. This record will be Picone’s first career solo album. Picone is the front man of popular Key West band TACKLEBOXX and stays busy playing several solo gigs at various venues each and every week in Key West.

An accomplished and talented guitarist, Picone’s wide vocal range and unique sound also make him one of the best male vocalists in Paradise. Since moving to Key West in 2011, Picone has quickly become a local favorite on the Island.

‘In The Middle of Everywhere’ will contain 10 tracks of original music and will be released sometime before Christmas.

Picone has a wide ranging style. His music can be categorized as Americana/Pop/Rock. His single ‘Respectfully’, which will be one of the tracks on the new record, was released as one of the songs on Bucky Montgomery’s popular ‘Best of Key West – Volume 1’ collaboration. The song has been well received and has become a local radio hit.

“Certain people in my life (past and present) as well as places that I’ve been, inspired most of these songs. Living in Key West has also been a huge inspiration and influence on my writing in general,” says Picone describing his inspiration for his debut album. “This is a special album for me because it’s the first time I’ve written songs without any collaboration. It’s also my first solo album and it’s recorded, mixed and produced by myself.”

Several local and other musicians contributed to the new record including Nate Laguzza & Luis Vera on drums, Ericson Holt played keyboards on 3 songs, Ross Brown played percussion on one song. TACKLEBOX bandmates Claire Finley and Rick Fusco each made contributions as well. Claire Finley played piano on one song and Rick Fusco makes a cameo guitar solo appearance.

“All of the tracks were recorded at my house here in Key West with the exception of the drums. Nate Laguzza recorded most of the drum tracks in his studio in LA. Luis Vera recorded 2 of the drum tracks at his home here in Key West.”

When asked who his musical influences are Picone replied, “I have too many to list but my earliest influences were JImi Hendrix, The Police, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Neil Young and The Beatles. I pretty much favor all of the music from the 60’s and 70’s.”

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