Highway 61 Runs All The Way To Key West

Highway 61, a fantastic Blues band from Akron, is set for 7 night run at the Hog’s Breath Saloon. The band, named for Bob Dylan’s epic song, is a high energy, fun loving, hard driving Blues band who make biannual visits to Key West.

Founder, Bob Moughler is a brilliant harmonica player, singer, and entertainer. The four piece band also feature Blues pickin’ guitar guru Mike Lenz who is also a top rate singer and entertainer, Funky and hard driving bassist Patrick Hughes, and a young and talented high energy drummer in Dylan Roth.

This don’t miss act will be playing a 7-night-run at the Hog’s Breath Saloon spanning from Monday 11/16 through Sunday 11/22. The beat drops each night at 10pm and doesn’t stop until 2am. Highway 61 has been together for many years and have been regular visitors to Key West for well over a decade.

Making the Hog’s Breath a regular tour stop, Highway 61 has become a fan favorite of the in-the-know local music fans. Moughler and Lenz trade off solos, vocals, and laughs while the crowd can’t help but assimilate into the contagious scene. Highway 61 will have the onlookers dancing, laughing, and anticipating the next tune. It’s not unusual to see many repeat offenders in attendance to enjoy this band every night of the week long run.