Key West

Key West is certainly a fantastic place for many reasons. Its natural beauty is one of the most glaringly obvious reasons. The climate, the characters, the history all play a role in what makes our island Paradise so special. One of the most attractive, and perhaps less known, features in Key West is our amazing local music scene. Key West’s music scene is second to none. It truly is very special. From the various venues to the community support to the incredible talented musicians, the local scene is truly remarkable.

Somehow, on this tiny 2x4 mile island, there seem to be countless venues for enjoying Live music. From the World Famous Green Parrot to the street performers up and down Duval Street, one does not have to venture too far in any direction to find a great spot to take in some fantastic music. Performances can be seen and heard from morning to late in the evening each and every day.

World class musicians make Key West their home. From the brilliant Caffeine Carl Wagoner who was born and raised right here in Key West to legendary musicians like Bill Blue who has made our island home since the early 1980’s, the talent is unmatched. There are opportunities to find music from every genre. Trop Rock to Blues to Rock N Roll to Jazz to Reggae can be heard from one end of the island to the other.

So many locals get out and about each day and night to listen to their favorites. The community seems to rally around the unmatched scene. The vibe seems to lend back to the unity of the community. The camaraderie between the musicians and among the locals is truly something special.

“Our scene is so unique due to the caliber of talent that permeates this small little town. I can say that per capita, we've got more talented musicians here than anywhere else in the world.” Says local fan Chris Hangsleben. “There's nothing like the camaraderie that exists here between our musicians. Competition is basically non-existent, and quite often, you'll find various musicians sitting in the audience of other shows, or even stepping on stage just to throw down a little. I mean, take a look at 'The Sunday Ramble'. Where else in the world can you find a group like that who's just there to play music together and have a good time? Other cities need to be put on notice. Key West is how music should be done.”

The local music scene is its own entity within this already close knit community. It seems to bring all of the community even closer together.

“It pretty magical to be able to see musicians play with one another and unite for the love of music. No egos, just pure honest love for the common thread- music,” says local fan Aine Corrigan.

Local radio personality and promoter Ben Solove says, “The music scene in Key West is literally Second to None. With so much amazing talent and so many fantastic venues, it’s hard to not get caught up in the magic of the Key West music scene. It’s how I spend most of my spare time. I have made many close friends in the musicians and other regulars who are out enjoying the great live music. The Key West music scene is very special to me. It’s more than just music. It is community, love, and unity. It has been my salvation.”

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