Rockin' Ladies of Key West - Karri Daley

Talented singer/songwriter Karri Daley hails from Madison, WI. Daley made her way to Key West several years ago. From the moment she arrived on the island, Daley has not looked back. With her powerful vocals, million dollar smile, and Rock Star like performances Daley has become one of Key West’s favorite performers.

Usually a solo performer, Daley can be found performing at various venues around town, but can be seen mostly at The Lazy Gecko on world famous Duval Street’s 200 block. Although she is typically a solo artist, Karri occasionally teams up with other for some duo work. She loves to work with another powerful female vocalist Robyn Whitehead. The two of them call themselves ‘The Soul Sisters’ and can be found singing crowd pleasing duets from time to time. Daley also works with a couple of young and very talented guitarists in Topher James and Drew Gunning on occasion.

Daley’s skills as a musician continue to blossom while her undeniable talent as a vocalist continues to be her strong suit. Daley loves to cover anything from The Rolling Stones to Adele to Heart to Stevie Nicks and always enjoys a challenging request or two from her loving fans. Daley has also written several original songs. Her performance of her original songs at ‘The Women Who Rock’ edition of the famed ‘Sunday Ramble’ series at the Key West Theater absolutely stole the show.

Daley is nothing short of a legitimate Rock Star. Still quite young and always out working hard, playing sometime upwards of seven or more gigs per week, Daley is only going to continue to improve as a musician, vocalist, songwriter, and performer. The sky is the limit for this naturally talented and ambitious beautiful, young star.

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