Rockin' Ladies of Key West - Kim Jade Fry

Kim Jade Fry is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, bassist, and guitarist. Fry made her way to Key West in May of 2016 from Washington DC. Fronting her funk band ‘The Good Thing’, Kim made her presence known as an exceptional bassists, band leader, vocalist, and performer. Fry decided to stay in Key West to further pursue her career as a musician. As a bassist, she took it on herself to learn guitar so that she could work as a solo artist around town. This is a testament to her music knowledge and talent. Kim has worked with many of Key West’s finest musicians in her short six months so far in Key West. You may have seen her perform with the likes of Caffeine Carl, Ross Brown, Gabriel Wright, Dora Gholson, Greg Gerace, Larry Baeder, Topher James, Karri Daley and many others. Fry is currently working on her solo act while performing in a few different groups. She is a co-founder of the talent rich trio The Sea Sharps along with guitarist/vocalist Dora Gholson and guitarist/vocalist Greg Gerace. The trio performed at the 2016 Key West Musician’s Festival at The Smokin Tuna. Their beautiful three part harmonies brought cheers from the crowd. Fry, who sites the likes of James Brown, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, War and other Funk Greats as influences, continues to work toward her goal to put together her own Funk band here in Key West. Her original music is nothing short of exceptional and is already in rotation on local music radio stations. Fry is a tireless and hard-working individual. She only knows one way to work and that is with 100% effort and passion. Kim’s live performances speak volumes of her drive. She always gives a complete effort. She dazzles fans with her world class bass playing and her powerful and soulful vocals. Perhaps most impressive is her passion as an entertainer. Fry pours her entire soul and all of her energy into each live performance. Fry is an accomplished musician and has performed with many great musicians all over the country and at many of the best venues. With her knowledge, talent, and drive, she is the total package. We are lucky to have her to entertain us here in Key West. Keep an eye on Kim Jade Fry as she continues to impress here in Paradise.

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