Rockin' Ladies of Key West - Raven Cooper

Raven Cooper has been performing live in Key West for many years. This Key West legend is a fan favorite of locals and regular visitors to our island. Having played every venue from Schooner Wharf to Sunset Pier to Viva Saloon to Hog’s Breath and everything in between, Raven is one of the hardest working musicians in Key West. Raven is an accomplished musician who can play many styles of music. She has her own original music and has covered everyone from Sheryl Crow to Edie Brickell to Paul Simon to Stevie Nicks. Her Johnny Cash covers are legendary and always cause a first time Raven listener to do a double take. It’s hard to believe that voice is coming from the same person who just sang a Sheryl Crow song. Cooper’s vocal range is astounding. Her sound is both gritty and soulful. Raven has a certain gift. That gift is what other musicians often refer to as ‘it’, because it is indescribable. She has a unique mystique about her that seems to draw the undivided attention of every fan in the venue directly upon her. Outside of her obvious natural gifts, Raven is also a talented entertainer. Her humor and stage presence add to her performances, making her the total package. In addition to all of that, Cooper recently took a year off and away from Key West. She has returned with a new found purpose and outlook both musically and personally and is now even better than ever. Make sure to catch Raven Cooper at the upcoming Sunday Ramble on November 27, 2016. She will be one of the featured artists for this popular concert series to be held at The Key West Theater on Eaton Street. Cooper plays several gigs at various venues each week. Make sure to go experience a one-of-a-kind Raven Cooper show. While you’re there, check out Raven’s new ‘Free The Bird’ t-shirts. After watching her perform, you’ll want one of your very own.

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