New to Town - Hiram Garzaro

There’s a new talent in town. Drummer and vocalist Hiram Garzaro and his lovely wife Rachael recently moved to Key West from Tampa Bay. They have been visiting Key West for a few years now, but have finally made our island their home. Hiram was born in Valencia, Venezuela. He comes from a loving family. Remarkably, this exceptionally talented vocalist was born deaf. As a young boy, Garzaro had a surgery to remedy his hearing problem. As a post-surgery tool to help train his hearing, Garzaro’s parents started him on piano lessons. Garzaro says that he was about twelve years old when he decided, that because of his disdain for his instructor, he didn’t really want to continue to play. “My piano teacher was like one hundred and four years old and a mean old woman. I just wanted to go out and ride my bicycle and play with my friends,” Garzaro recalls. Although his hearing problem was in the past, seemingly his interest in music was over. A couple years later, he was approached by a group of buddies who had formed a band. They approached him because they remembered that he had once learned to play piano. However, the young teenage band weren’t interested in a pianist. They needed a drummer. Hiram hesitantly agreed to try to learn the drums and joined the band. He began to learn the basics and, along with his bandmates, set out to become a rock star. When Garzaro was in his late teens, his father approached him asking what his plans were for the future. Hiram told his father that he wanted to be a professional musician. After a discussion with Hiram’s mother, his father decided to be supportive, but there was a catch. “My dad said, here’s the deal. Like a college student, you have four years to practice”, says Garzaro. “But, after four years if you aren’t earning a living as a musician you leave our house with the clothes on your back.” Hiram would not be denied. This dedicated musician spent the next year of his life practicing the drums in his parents’ basement for eight hours or more every day, only taking breaks for lunch and dinner. Within a year’s time, Garzaro had been hired by a touring band to play drums. He has toured and played all over South America and eventually, Garzaro made his way to the United States where he met the love of his life and continued to work as a professional musician. Garzaro plays all over Key West with several different musicians. He joined forces with his friend and local favorite bassist/vocalist Claire Finley as a member of her band The E’Claires. This four piece band is nothing short of spectacular. Finley and Garzaro along with two of Key West’s most talented guitarists Andy Westcott and Rick Fusco make up The E’Claires. Not only is each member of the band an exceptional musician, but all four are gifted vocalists. Make sure to get out and watch The E’Claires play. They can be seen performing at various venues around town including Sunset Pier and The Green Parrot. Talent aside, both Hiram and Rachael are wonderful people who fit nicely into the One Human Family of Key West. Who and Where in Key West welcomes the Garzaros to our community.

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