Rockin' Ladies of Key West - Leah Orlikowski

Some people are simply gifted. Leah Orlikowski is one of those people. The Colorado born singer/songwriter is one of Key West’s most talented vocalist. Orlikowski has been playing in Key West for several years. At first she made frequent visits, but about five years ago, she made Key West her permanent home. Orlikowski is a true singer/songwriter. Her undeniable vocal talent is quite obvious to any listener. However, Orlikowski is an exceptional songwriter, as well. Her album ‘Decide & Conquer’ is fantastic. The record has ten tracks of original music. All ten tracks showcase Leah’s passionate songwriting. She has a knack for relaying life’s struggles and blessings through her lyrics. In March of 2016, Orlikowski was a featured artist in the ‘Women Who Rock’ show as part of the popular ‘Sunday Ramble’ concert series held at The Key West Theater. She joined Shastina Chiles, Adrienne Z, Karri Daley, Robyn Whitehead, and Claire Finley as special guests of the show. Leah performed three songs with the All Star Ramble Band. Her single, ‘Tiger’ was one of the big hits of the show. That track can be found on her ‘Decide & Conquer’ album and is also on Bucky Montgomery’s ‘Best of Key West Volume 2’ album featuring singles from some of Key West’s best musicians. Leah’s love for music is expansive. She covers everything from Classic Rock to Folk to Blues to Contemporary Rock, in addition to her beautiful original music. The gifted vocalist’s loving spirit and genuine smile allow her to easily connect with her loving fans. A peaceful soul with a love for life who is also a talented guitarist, Orlikowski is a joy to listen to play and sing live. She can be found performing solo at various venues around town including Viva Saloon, Parrot Key, and Blue Heaven. She can also be seen performing with her trio made up of exceptional guitarist Andy Westcott and legendary Key West drummer/percussionist Randy Morrow. The trio plays frequently at legendary bar and music venue, Sloppy Joe’s. Make sure to check your Daily Updated Music Schedule on Who and Where in Key West to find out where Leah is playing next so you can go see and hear her perform. You’ll be glad you did.

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